Hello, I am Tyler, the Editor and creator of Honest Amp Sim Reviews. In a few days we will begin posting video content on Instagram and YouTube but before posting videos, I wanted to share a sort of editorial / disclaimer.

When I created this page with the help of some great friends, videos were sort of an afterthought at best. I didn’t even want Facebook but it’s hard to operate without Facebook for networking and the new guy always has to network. All I really wanted to do was make a resource for guitarists and bass players worldwide to use as a guide to finding the right stuff for their needs and budget. However, it seems the whole social media kit seems to be a necessity.

After thinking about it long and hard, we agreed to do social media, YouTube and more moving forward but we are more so doing it as a way to grow our page and get the word out. So far it has worked out nicely without being too much of a task and none of it has involved any of the usual negativity one has come to expect at every turn these days.

I wanted people to know how we are approaching videos so that we can make things clear up front. Some will be the industry standard “guy in front of home studio” format for Instagram and then a more entertaining approach for YouTube. The playing in the videos will be designed to showcase the tone of the amp or features of the gear rather than a song full of over processed showing off.  In our videos we are going to try and provide a more raw and stripped down tone with only minimal processing so that you can see how things really sound. Whenever heavy processing is involved, we will let you know what we are using and how we are using it. We won’t leave you hanging.

As for what products we will showcase in our videos, we will test anything, anytime on Instagram because they are one minute videos so why not? However, for YouTube, we will be putting way more time into the videos so we reserve those videos and demos for the products we really love. No, that doesn’t mean the products whose developers pay us the most, it actually means stuff we love. We will never ever charge a dime for a video demo so anything you ever see on our YouTube is a product we stand behind firmly.

Next, there will be no comment sections on any of our YouTube videos because, well let’s be honest, YouTube comments sections can be about as negative as it gets and that’s not how we roll here. We don’t have the time to moderate or mediate accounts on every social media platform (which is why I didn’t want social media haha), so if you have questions, comments, requests and so on, you can email us or drop by our Facebook.

In closing, I will say my chair is a comfy disaster, I am an adult male that owns Funkopop figures, my cats might often walk into videos and I don’t own any $5000 guitars but… I’ll give you guys my all and more importantly, I will give you the best I can pull out of the gear you want to know about and some you might not care about. I can also assure you that if you follow us on social media, we will never spam your newsfeed full of crap and we will always be ad free. Any endorsement you read is on our own accord.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the videos.


Posted Feb 13th 2019



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