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Platforms: Win/Mac

SCORE: 9 / 10



Ahhhhhh, the Univibe, one of my favorite modulation effects ever made for a number of instruments. This plugin is an emulation of the original Shin-ei / Univox Uni-Vibe that came out in the late 60s and stayed very prevalent in guitar tones through the 70s and 80s.

If you don’t know what a Uni-Vibe does, well the best way I can explain it is a sort of blend of phaser, chorus and many say “it sounds like the 70s”. It was initially designed to be a Leslie sort of thing but failed in that regard just to find serious popularity anyways.

Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Trey Anastasio, John Mayer and a wide collection of players have used the Uni-Vibe over the years. There aren’t many plugins based on the pedal and it’s an effect most guitarists use sparingly but it’s very handy to have one when you need it.


The Sknote UV looks just like a real Uni-Vibe and the controls all function like one as well. The details look really nice and you can really tell that the proper time was taken to make this plugin stand out.

There’s something about Sknote plugins that just grab me from the first moment. I have yet to find one that didn’t so it’s become the normal reaction at this point to sit there with kind of a befuddled but impressed look on my face. The UV did just that.

The one tone that I use the UV for more than anything else is a 70s / vintage country tones. I grew up listening to these tones and it took literally only two Sknote plugins to make it happen the first time I tried for it. The UV and the TwinR or Deluxe1 together creates a tone that sounds like it would be right at home on any of the classic 70s country albums. I was also able to use the UV with the Blackface, Chimp, Super and Bassmench from the Thermionik collection and a number of other amps to get a nice tone but the Sknote Fender amp sims are just unbeatable.

Want that wild swirling Jimi Hendrix solo sound? Here you go! I put the UV in front of a variety of Marshall amps and paired it with the Audiority Blue Face fuzz pedal plugin and poof, within moments I felt like setting my guitar on fire… well not actually but the feeling was there! Point is, the Hendrix tone is very achievable with plugins despite many tone purists doubts!

I have also had success using the UV in atmospheric tones with some nice reverbs and other effects. Good thing Sknote has a long list of incredible vintage inspired effects to go along with the UV!!


If the real deal sound of a Uni-Vibe is your thing, don’t think, just go get this plugin right now because there simple just isn’t another plugin based on the Uni-Vibe that even comes within miles of being as good as the Sknote UV.

If you haven’t heard a Uni-Vibe I strongly advise checking out the pedal’s capabilities because there’s a lot of very cool things that can be done with it!

Posted Mar 11th 2019