Top Freeware Plugins+

One of our most important missions at HASR is the promotion of quality freeware products. The world of freeware plugins is constantly improving and with it, this list will be updated accordingly as new products become available.

We want to be clear that all of these products are in no particular order and not in order of quality. We have not included any lite, trial or partial versions of any plugin.

Each product is linked to our review. If we don’t have a review yet the link will point to the developers product page.


  1. Audiority Dr. Drive
  2. AXP / Softamp SoftDrive GV
  3. Distorque Vitamin C compressor
  4. Ignite Amps ProF.E.T
  5. Ignite Amps TS-999
  6. Ignite Amps TSB-1
  7. Kuassa Efektor Silencer (noise gate)
  8. Mercuriall Audio Chorus
  9. Mercuriall Audio GreedSmasher
  10. Mercuriall Audio TSC
  11. Nembrini free pedals (including a noise gate, chorus, delay and more)
  12. Nembrini 808 Overdrive
  13. TSE R47


  1. 7 Deadly Sins Pack
  2. Celestion Free Cab
  3. Coffee Cabs Free IR
  4. Devil’s Lab IRs
  5. Line 6 Allure Pack
  6. Ownhammer Free Cabs
  7. Redwirez Free Cab
  8. Seacow Cabs (a big collection of high quality free cabs)
  9. SNB Cab Library
  10. Wilkinson Audio God’s Cab
  11. Valhallir V2 Teaser Pack



(We need more!!)

  1. Ignite Amps SHB-1
  2. Sonic Anomaly Bass Professor Mk II
  3. TSE BOD 3
  4. Seacow Cabs Darkglass Cab (IR)



  1. Blue Cat Audio Free Pack (incl modulation fx/gain/eq and more)
  2. Ignite Amps TPA-1 (poweramp)
  3. Nalex Power End (poweramp)
  4. Softube Saturation Knob
  5. TDR Nova (eq/multi-band compressor)
  6. TDR Molotok (compressor)
  7. TDR VOS SlickEq (mixing/mastering eq)
  8. Tritik Krush (bit crusher)
  9. Xfer Records OTT (up-/downward compressor)

** If you have something you sincerely feel should be on this list, let us know and tell us why! **

List of updates:
Nov, 2020
– changes: added Aurora DSP FenrIR to IR loaders
, Nembrini 808 Overdrive to pedal plugins
Oct, 2020
– changes: added Audiority Dr. Drive to pedal plugins

June, 2020
– changes: removed old 32-bit offer from PVAmps, added the new preamps from PVAmps from the HASR Freepack

May, 2020
– changes: added ML Soundlabs Amped Roots, removed some old 32-bit only plugins from “tools”

Mar, 2020
– changes: Audiority L12X added

Oct, 2019
– changes: Tonelib GFX removed since it’s no longer freeware

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