SERPENT – Framus Cobra

Genres: Anything needing mid to high gain.

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Crunch

SCORE: 8.5 / 10


The Framus Cobra is/was a modern amp meant for mid to high gains that sort of just vanished. It wasn’t around too long and researching the amp really told me nothing about what actually happened to it or why. Warwick sorta just stopped making it.

The Cobra was however highly regarded while it was being manufactured. As I lay Dying, All That Remains, Insomnium, Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Monstrosity and many other bands used the amp during its short reign.


The cleans are there and you can get an “ok” tone with it but Thermionik just has too many better suited plugins for clean tones so I am just not overly interested in working with it too much. It’s not bad, it just exists if you need it.

The middle channel is crunchy and full sounding. It’s a really nice channel to work with because the controls really have a lot of value to them. You can do a lot just in the middle channel all on its own. I boosted it and it gave me a nice tech-death tone. Add a little more compression, pull the gain back a little and the Obscura tone is right there.

It’s versatile but mostly versatile inside the mid an high gain genres and styles. It’s great for skate punk, death metal, tech-death, thrash, black metal and a lot of other purposes. I have used it for all of the above with great tone results.

The lead channel is Saturated gain heaven. There’s no gain focused use that the Serpent doesn’t excel at. It’s one of the best high gain amp sims I have ever heard. Amps like the Serpent really make the price of Thermionik seem even more insane. The lead tones are also really likable. They are sharp and cutting without being annoying which is a plus.

I worked with a boost pedal on and off with the Serpent plugin. I use it quite often and the boost I use with it every time is the Ignite Amps Tyrant Screamer. Something about that pedal plugin brings out the best in many high gain amp sims. It also happens to be free.

The Framus Cobra amp hasn’t been modeled too many times that we know about but the Framus 412 cab has plenty of representation in the world of impulses. I found the best impulses for the Serpent were from various Zilla impulse libraries. I suggest everyone have a Zilla 412 or 212 cab in their collection. They match up nicely with a wide variety of amps.

The one thing about the Serpent is that it can be a little touchy when dialing it in. Take your time and also watch you boost pedal settings because things can get a little messy if you get too nuts with the gain.


I’d be willing to say the Serpent is my personal favorite high gain offering in the Thermionik package. I’d recommend it to anyone for any mid or high gain purpose. It’s a really fun sim to shred on.


Posted Dec 1st 2018