P90 phaser – A faithful model of one of the best modulation effects.

Platforms: Win/Mac

SCORE: 9 / 10



I am guessing 80% of the guitarists on the planet have owned or at least seen this pedal around. The MXR Phase 90 is about as legendary as a phaser pedal can be. The odd thing is that while flanger and phaser are similar, I really dislike flanger pedals but love phaser pedals. Not really sure how to explain that one.

Phaser pedals can be used with any instrument, vocals and even as a cool effect for the odd drum part. It’s really just a fun effect to use to enhance certain parts. I have always loved EVH’s use of the phaser at really any level of gain. He’s the master of using effects sparingly at a level that is present but not overwhelming.


Like the real deal, the P90 has a single knob and probably the most simplistic GUI possible. With the one knob however, there’s a fair bit of play in what you can do with the P90.

The first usage I like to hit with phaser pedals would be the old school vintage country tones. You can use a Uni-Vibe plugin (LIKE THIS ONE) or the P90 to create those lovely washing, sweeping 70s country tones made famous by the who’s who of country. Sknote has every plugin needed to create some of the best vintage tones that you have ever heard.

Next, I gave it a shot in the EVH department and the P90 took the ball and ran with it. I spent like an hour building an older era Van Halen sounding setup with the Themionik Jumpy models and Celestion EVH impulses. The results were so good I needed to sit for a second and really fathom that I was using software.


If you are a fan of really any era or version of the MXR Phase 90, you will not be the least bit disappointed with the P90. Once again, Sknote has replaced yet another plugin in my go-to list. Thanks to Sknote Audio for having some of the best plugins out there.


Posted Mar 11th 2019