M2B – Mesa Boogie Mark IIB

Genres: Rock, Blues, Indie, Punk

Uses: Rhythm, Lead

SCORE: 7 / 10


This would be a plugin version of the Mark IIB. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge of it before the review so I spent some time nosing around Youtube, forums and random other resources. Turns out that it’s behind some pretty incredible tones over the years. However, it’s also known as a notoriously difficult amp to dial in.


In my research for the review I saw that Brad Gillis had used one while he was with Night Ranger and Ozzy so I used that as a goal. It’s pretty easy to get the M2B angry but the gain is pretty hard to work with. I can see the truths to the stuff I had read. I couldn’t get any mid or high gain tone like the Gillis tones I’d heard. I didn’t see how I was getting anything tight out of it.

The most useful tones I got were bluesy lead tones for the neck pickup. I added a boost and I got a fairly nice biting tone but it was still tubby and flubby. It’s just not a sim that I had any luck with but it’s not a bad plugin. Judging by the tones I listened to in research, the sim is accurate and like the hardware, the software is also tough to dial in.

It did best with 112, 212 and 410 impulses. I tried about 50 or so and nothing really sat in the pocket nicely outside of a few Fender Deville impulses I had kicking around. I will admit that this one beat me. It’s rare but I think everyone comes across an amp or pedal that they just can’t dial in.


I will say that if you love this amp in real life, the sim will be a wonderful experience for you as it’s pretty true to the original but I had a tough time enjoying this one.


Posted Dec 1st 2018

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