FUELED BLUE / SILVER – Diezel VH4 Blue / Silver plate

Genres: Pretty much anything

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Crunch, Clean

SCORE: 9 / 10


Again, we will group two sims together. Here we have another product that features a company’s flagship amp. The Diezel VH4 is a very unique and versatile amp made by one of the leading European amp builders.

Diezel amps can be an acquired taste. Typically, Diezel users are very proud and loyal folks with a deep love for the signatures in the tone that make them unique.

A monster list of guys have called upon this amp. I will skip the name game on this one and suggest that you check out this link instead. LINK


I have used both of these a lot but I have leaned on the Silver more often than the Blue. They are very similar but not so similar that you ask what the point was to put them both out. In reality I have tried neither but from what I have gathered by researching YouTube and forum guys arguing about the differences between the two is that with identical settings; the blueface is brighter than the silverface. I tried this and it seemed to carry over to the software. There are likely bigger differences and you are more than welcome to go look those up, enjoy reading the debates,

First, the clean tones on high gain amps aren’t normally spectacular but the VH4 has always had a particular sound to its clean tone that I enjoyed ever since I heard one live for the first time and it was being used for…ska? I hear that same characteristic in these sims.

The middle channel is my personal favorite on this sim but the high gain is unreal as well providing you don’t roll it up over 7 or so. I think I have made my love for a good crunchy tone pretty obvious by now but again, this amp and really all Diezel amps have a very unique crunch to really every channel. Some people hate this trait of Diezel amps but I feel like the people that love Diezel amps, love them because of this trait. The sims have a pretty good grasp on it.


I have used these with a wide range of boosts, guitars, pickups, impulses and effects with great results all around. Both succeed at a variety of genres and styles of playing regardless of the gain required. I would say these are easily in the top five of the collection.


Posted Dec 1st 2018


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