BASSMENSCH – 59’ Fender Bassman – 8 / 10

Genres: Rock, Classic rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Punk, Ska-punk. Southern Rock

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Crunch, Clean


Several developers have modeled the Fender Bassman so it makes sense that one would be included with this huge collection. They did a really nice job with this one. It has a lot of the nice characteristics I love about the real thing. I have played through a few real ones but never a 59 so I can’t say how close this gets but the general Fender Bassman qualities that you have grown to associate the amps with are present.

The Bassman for me is a quintessential amp in rock history. Think of the huge musicians to use the bassman. On one side you have legends like The Beatles, Buddy Guy, Tom Petty, The Who and Brian Setzer and then you head over to bands like Pearl Jam, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Social Distortion and everyone in between. It’s literally one of the most famous amps ever built. It has stood the test of time in music for a good reason. The tone.


I used this amp sim recently with a boost on a few skate punk songs and I have seen more than a few demos of this amp with uses ranging from blues and jazz to classic rock or indie type stuff. It’s a Swiss army knife as long as you don’t need a lot of gain. The cleans are cool, the gain adds a lot of nice flavor to things and tonally, it’s really pleasing to the ear. This was another vintage amp that responded really well to the 412 impulses geared towards metal and hard rock. You can push and boost the heck out of this thing and it’ll bark but it’s not for high gain stuff at all. When you roll the gain passed 6-7 things can get a little unpleasant but this also isn’t a hi-gain amp sim.

Rhythm wise, it’s a beast and a work horse amp that is comfortable doing anything from country twang to a punk rock chainsaw. Lead is another place the bassman is cozy operating. I wouldn’t use it to shred but for nice classic rock and blues solos, it’s scary good. I boosted it and actually turned the gain up on the boost pedals for once. The BBE Green Screamer and Brainworx black dist (RAT sim) were the two best I tried. When boosted, it’s like it’s on steroids. I highly suggest boosting it with a 412 cab and some dirt.

I came up with some incredible tones for skate punk, ska-punk, hard rock, grunge, country and even stoner rock after I added a Fuzz pedals to try. It’s really versatile, useful and the quality is great.


Great job right here and one of the top three Bassman sims out there for my taste. Watch the gain knob and saturation controls on the amp sim, turn them up too much and things can get a little garbled sounding. Instead, add the gain with your boost pedal and it comes out a little smoother. Great sim!


Posted Dec 1st 2018

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