TANGERINE NIGHTMARE – Orange Dual Dark 100

Genres: Stoner/Doom

Uses: Rhythm, Lead

SCORE: 7 / 10


I though this was an odd inclusion for the package. With so many legendary amps and a need for an Orange amp for variety sake, it was odd Kazrog would reach to one of Orange’s less popular and lesser known amps.

I admittedly didn’t know much about the amp and I couldn’t find much for notable artist usage but I was hardly going to let that matter. Orange = quality and Kazrog = quality so it had to be good.


Orange amps are pretty closely associated with Stoner/Doom/Desert tones so I went straight for the Fuzz and Muff plugins. In fact, I loaded every Fuzz and Muff plugin I could find in my FX list. When I did so, things came alive.

The controls are a little different but I am not an Orange user and I know they tend to have their own unique method when it comes to that part of their designs. I would gather that most Orange users would feel right at home on the controls but it took me some time to learn the lay of the land. Once I did, I hit the fuzz.

Finding the right balance between the amp gain and pedal gain was the trick here but it took a bit. Once everything was in order, it was pretty easy to get the amp to really open up. The stoner/doom tones were a wall of saturated sludge that could topple a building. The issue for me was that I could really only get one tone I liked out of the plugin. To be fair I really liked that one tone but it was still very limited.

I stuck with nothing but Orange impulses because I have always heard Orange amps are best through Orange cabs. In fact some say many amps sound better through Orange cabs. I think Orange might be in the top three as far as products go on the impulse market and there’s plenty of free offerings as well. My personal favorite is the PPC 412 from 3 Sigma Audio.


For me this one is kind of a one trick pony. I didn’t really like it without the fuzz/muff addition but when I had the pedals engaged, it sounded great. I would love to see a Rockerverb featured in the next Thermionik.


Posted Dec 1st 2018