SUPER 1690

SUPER 1690 – Supro 1690T Coronado

Genres: Country, Southern Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Indie Rock, Brit Pop, Ska

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Clean

SCORE: 7.5 / 10


Believe it or not, at one time, this amp was renowned for its distortion. In the 1960s, the Supro 1690 spread like the EVH amps did in the 90s. Everyone wanted that sound and then everyone wanted to doctor that sound. It was a very different sounding amp in comparison to the par for that era of music.

There’s not enough time or space to go over the names that have used a Supro 1690, it’s just too immense, even for my long-winded intros. It was a huge amp at the time and has remained a popular amp because of the signature tone it once created.


The clean tone is nice and usable. I added the Valhalla Shimmer to it with some delay and it was actually pretty warm. I was able to create some nice atmospheric tones.

When I got on the drive a little, it was really not my thing but I do see what it did for the evolution of high gain amps. You really have to appreciate every step in the evolution of amp modding and high gain. I had a thought to find the spot in the gain just before it started to get unpleasant and add a boost. I added Kazrog’s Vintage Drive and Ram Fuzz to experiment with some boost and drive which seems like forcing the plugin outside of its comfort zone but it just got better.

I started the review with a mixture of 112 and 210 impulses because that’s how the originals were set up for the most part. Next I blended a 112 and 412 to simulate an external cab plugged into the combo.

I got some really cool rock and stoner rock tones and I have gone back to this set up a few times. Once for a blues demo I recorded for a friend of mine and here and there I may also use it to play along to some old classic rock stuff out of boredom.


It’s a simple and fun plugin to play around with. I wasn’t expecting to find a lot of useful tones from the Super 1690 but I ended up finding quite a few. This plugin just adds even more worth to the Thermionik package.


Posted Dec 1st 2018