SOLID 100 – Soldano SLO 100

Genres: Unlimited

Uses: Unlimited

SCORE: 8.5 / 10


The Soldano SLO 100 is yet another Themionik inclusion from the hall of fame amp department. This would be a plugin inspired by the Mike Soldano masterpiece. It’s another amp that I have been a fanboy of since the 90s.

Mick Mars, Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Breaking Benjamin, John Mayer, Warren Haynes, Izzy Stradlin, Mark Knopfler, Gary Moore, Theo from Gob, Warren Demartini, Matt Pike, Sum 41, White Zombie and a monster list of great players and bands have made this amp a legend.


Many of the Thermionik amps have been altered channel wise. Kazrog has turned two-channel into three or four-channel into three and so on. This isn’t a bad idea by any means. I like the simplified layouts they went with.

I loved the sound of this plugin from the beginning. It’s such an awesome sounding sim that it has been in my top bunch of go-to plugins from day one. The quality shows from the first chord and continues to show throughout the playing experience.

On the middle channel with the gain down a bit you can get a great southern rock tone with single coil pickups or maybe some P90s. You can even make it twang with some drive if you want to. It’s warm and it’s full of voices that work for a lot of lower gain or mid gain genres.

The crunch… oh the crunch of a Soldano. The Solid 100 plugin really does capture the signature voice of the SLO 100. I played some of my favorite riffs that I know were recorded with the SLO 100 and the Solid 100 really made the tones easy to chase down. With a boost, there was nothing I couldn’t figure out. The hard rock, punk and thrash tones on the middle channel are very nice and so are the leads. You can get a bunch of nice, cutting leads on the crunch channel.

The lead channel takes the center stage and it’s got that mid-voiced Soldano shred to it which had me sold from the get go. Shreddy leads, every type of metal or heavy music you can think of and then some is all more than available with the Solid 100.

Boosting yields great tones but watch your tone knobs folks. If you go into the Solid 100 with the 0-10-10 settings, it’s gonna make a mess so back everything off and work to blend the amp and the boost together. I really like the free TSE 808 with the Solid 100.

Soldano cabinets are also held in high regard in the guitar universe. Many guys say that no matter what amp you put through them, they always sound good. Many of the Soldano impulses out there are pretty great for the most part. A few developers have some very good versions that mesh well with the Solid 100. I also had a lot of success with various Orange, Zilla and Marshall impulses.


This amp sim absolutely rips. I love it and I really enjoy reaching for it when I know the tone I want is a Soldano tone. No downsides to this one at all.


Posted Dec 1st 2018