OGRE EXCESS – Bogner Ecstasy / XTC

Genres: Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, Southern Rock

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Crunch, Clean

SCORE: 7.5 / 10


In any package as large as Thermionik you are bound to run into an amp you aren’t overly fond of and just don’t use. This would be one of only two in the whole package that I don’t really care for but that’s not to say it’s a bad plugin.

The Bogner XTC has been used by Aerosmith, Steve Lukather, Finger Eleven, Thursday, Richie Kotzen, A Day To Remember and many others. It’s a pretty well known versatile amp and worshiped by loyal Bogner users. Regardless of my preference, it’s a nice amp to see in the features.


It seems there’s a ton more controls on the XTC then most of the other Thermionik offerings. This would be one for the tweaking gurus.

The cleans are pretty damn nice. Sounds even better with a little dirt or a TS on it. I added some reverb and delay and had some really nice atmospheric tones going. You could get nice emo, indie and Brit pop tones with the Excess without a whole lot of effort.

When I started getting into the gains, I just couldn’t find anything that worked for me but the quality of the tone was there. I had a nice rock tone happening but I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted it to go.

I worked a bit to get a nice lead tone with the Excess and it paid off. I added a nice short delay with a little verb and it gave me some cool bluesy tones. The plugin really provides a realistic sustain and resonance to hanging notes in solos.

The plugin has good warmth to it and a review I read on the XTC itself talked about it being a sleeper amp for doom so I thought I would find out for myself. Enter the fuzz and the Excess tossed out some nice tones for doomy or maybe Type O Negative type material.

I went with strictly Bogner impulses from a variety of companies for the review. I found the a few from Ownhammer, 3 Sigma Audio and Redwirez that all sounded great.

Boosting was hit and miss. I really preferred the Excess with Fuzz and Muff plugins over TS plugins and boosts. Kazrog’s Ram Fuzz and the Audified Multi-drive pedal pro really worked nice with the sim.


If you are a fan of this amp, you will enjoy both Bogner inclusions in the pack. I liked this sim more than I thought going in but, I think for my tastes and preferences, there are just amps in the pack that I like a lot more.


Posted Dec 1st 2018