MARSHLAND PLEXI – 59′ Marshall Super Lead 100w

Genres: ROCK!!!, Punk, Blues + more

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Crunch

SCORE: 8.5 / 10


More rock royalty coming at your in the Thermionik package. This one was as or even more important to the evolution of rock, metal and also higher gain amps. It’s amazing how many Marshall amps are up in the top levels of Amplifier history. Here we have the ’59 super lead plexi. This is a rock monster plain and simple. Kazrog really provides users with a great crop of amps in a variety of genres but the Marshland inclusions have you covered for all things rock and more.

If you read the JUMPY reviews you saw a huge list of names that used the JMP. You may also see some of the same names on this one because many players have used both the Super Lead and the JMP. Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, EVH, Billie Joe Armstrong, Angus Young, Ace Frehley, Johnny Ramone, Billy Gibbons, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen and many others have used the super lead over the years.


Again, it only takes a quick second of tweaking to get into the good stuff. I found that using the Plexi right after the Jumpy plugins made the Plexi seem a little more dull so I turned on the bright switch and gave the treble a notch or two up.

The Plexi plugin isn’t as versatile as the Jumpy plugins because it’s just not meant to be a real versatile amp. Keep in mind, the amp modeled in this instance is roughly 60 years old so for those expecting a lot of bells and whistles, you won’t get them.

What you do get however is concrete solid rock tones that can work well for a lot of different stuff. You can get full and thick punk tones, great hard rock tones, legendary classic rock tones and more with only the onboard controls but if your goal is something a little more, the Plexi responds great with TS, boost, fuzz and muff pedals alike. The Audified Multi-drive pedal pro plugin worked great for all the different tones I was trying to achieve.

I used the Plexi on a classic rock EP I helped a friend with and at the time I recall really liking how many very different impulses sounded great with it. The impulse I liked the most in this case was the Bill Kelliher signature pack from 3 Sigma Audio.

Tone wise, my favorite tone with the Plexi came when I was trying to emulate Johnny Ramone’s tone for a tone tutorial. While playing around, I ended up with a great, driving, mid gain tone that sounded just like Stephen Egerton’s (Descendents / ALL) setup.

Stoner/Doom tones are also abundant and easy with the Plexi. The Audified MDPP plugin has some nice fuzz and muff options that worked out great. Kazrog’s Ram Fuzz also worked nicely.


It’s not the most versatile amp but it’s also not supposed to be. The Plexi plugin is well done and sounds pretty legit all things considered. As mentioned, Thermionik provides users with so many great options tonally. There’s nothing you can’t do.


Posted Dec 1st 2018