MARSHLAND JUMPY 78 – Marshall JMP (stock)

Genres: ROCK, Hard Rock, Stoner/Doom, Punk and a lot more

Uses: Rhythm, Lead, Crunch

SCORE: 10 / 10


We have arrived at the top level of rock amp supremacy. Angus Young, Yngwie Malmsteen, EVH, Toni Iommi, KK Downing, Glen Tipton, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine, Adam Jones and literally hundreds of accomplished guitarists in every genre imaginable have used this amp to create incredible music and tones.

Thermionik features not one but three different versions of the famous British monster to give users a full experience. The plexi plugin is also very closely related to the JMP so you might even say four versions. You get a stock ’78 and then two 79 models modified by high gain pioneers; Jose Arredondo and Mike Soldano. The differences between the three plugins are noted in the experience portion of the review.


With the JUMPY 78 plugin, you get three channels, sort of. You have two gain controls. Channel one is the first gain control, channel two uses the second gain control and the third channel is both gain controls combined. Kazrog managed to model these functions nicely.

The two gains are a bit different sounding but they are both usable on their own. Together you have so many options it’s just crazy. Take time and work with the gains together as well as tweaking the other controls and you will find out quickly why it’s always been a popular amp. You can go from light crunch to fire breathing hell beast with one knob. All three JUMPY plugins have miles and miles of gain on tap but they can also do light and mid gain stuff, crunch, huge lead sounds at all gain levels.

Boosting the JUMPY plugins isn’t overly necessary when the gains are combined but if you do it, use a gate and watch your levels. Boosting on individual channels however produced some really damn good tones. I sat with this sim for hours trying for even basic signal chains to emulate the signature tones the hardware JMP has produced in its decades of dominance.

When it came to impulses I turned to google to research the cabs used by the legendary names in the JMP archive. The great thing about having lots of impulses is having more tools for tone chasing. The best tones I felt came from Marshall options inside my Ownhammer and Redwirez libraries. You can never have too many impulses 🙂


Jose Arredondo is an amp modding guru that made a name for himself modding amps for Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, the Rolling Stones, George Lynch and many other big names. He was also one of the first high gain modders. The JUMPYJ is my favorite of the three and I would say the best of the three for higher gain use. I used it for punk, hard rock, death metal and it can even djent haha.


Mike Soldano is obviously the Mike Soldano of Soldano amps. Before his company he modded amps for many legendary guitarists. He later created the Soldano SLO-100 which also just happens to be a part of Thermionik. The JUMPY 79S is a little beefier to my ears and that factor immediately had me dive into the fuzz and muff pedals. The Kazrog Ram Fuzz sounded great as did the Audiority Big Goat.


No downsides to these plugins whatsoever and combined they have a perfect score. I love these plugins and they are just three more reasons why everyone needs Thermionik’s arsenal in their collection.


Posted Dec 1st 2018