DUALITY 2CH & DUALITY 3CH – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 2ch & 3ch

Genres: Anything involving gain

Uses: Rhythm, Crunch

SCORE: 8 / 10


Two of the amps I always wanted and admired so much for so many years and never owned. I have played on maybe 10-15 rectifiers varying from stock to beaten up and modded to hell. The Mesa Dual Rec is one of the most modeled amps in the amp sim game and every company seems to have one or more offerings so it would make sense that there would be some in this collection.

The list of artists to use the Dual Rectifier is impossible to post here. Huge names over so many genres and they all have one thing in common. Good tone.

We decided to double up on this review to include both the 2CH and 3CH plugins.


There’s a lot to like about both the Duality 2ch and 3ch but I feel like the 2ch is the stronger of the two sims. Both are really good representations of their diamond plate armored brethren.

There’s a ton of tonal options with both amps and Mesa amps aren’t shy on ways to alter the tone and the Duality amp sims capture that element. Usable cleans, beautiful crunchy goodness, all out war high gain all delivered in a surprisingly warm way for a sim. Roll the gain up or down, it’s all usable in every way but as always, I avoid turning anything on most amp sims to 10. Gearheads will also be happy because oh yes, it has a massive array of tone shaping options.

Both sims also mesh well with a lot of different boost pedals. Rectifiers are awesome to boost across the whole line. A tube screamer in front of a Mesa Boogie amp is a good way to get my attention so whenever I test any kind of Mesa sim, I come ready to party with boost plugins. In this case my favorite pedal with both Duality sims was the BBE Green Screamer.

I love impulse searching with Thermionik amps. With every plugin requiring a loader and impulse you can’t just hit a preset or use an onboard cab, you have to do the work. With the 2CH, I poured on the Mesa OS/Oversize impulses and a lot of them worked out great. I used an incredible free cab called God’s cab by Wilkinson Audio. I also had luck with several Zilla, EVH and the Recabinet Genzie.


There’s not a whole lot you can’t do with a rectifier but at least with this one you don’t have to lift a 40+ pound amp on top of a 120 pound Mesa OS cabinet. I highly advise everyone find a great Dual Rec sim or five for your tool box. These are a great start.


Posted Dec 1st 2018