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Platform: Win/Mac

SCORE: 9 / 10



Audiority has always released nothing but high quality plugins so when I saw they’d released a trio of pedal plugins, I bought them right away. The price for the three pack was more than affordable.

The Boss DS-1  was the first pedal ever made under the Boss name. Yes, the very first Boss pedal ever. It’s one of those pedals that you can see and identify on a stage from a distance. It’s also because it’s been used by a list of names that’s too long to even consider going over fully but my favorites on the list of many include Chuck Schuldiner, Mike Stern and Kurt Cobain. Think of those three tones and the spectrum they cover.

While I am a fan of other players tones with the pedal, I have personally never been a huge fan of it personally. I was more of an OD1 kind of guy so for this review I brought in a friend of mine from a band I used to be in. It’s been his favorite pedal on earth for years so he will be able to help significantly. The parts in italics are his thoughts.


The graphics are sharp and realistic across all three offerings in the pedalboard distortions bundle. Distortion 1 is laid out nicely and Audiority also included some helpful presets for those unfamiliar with the real deal.

The quality is there from the first second you hit a note. The values across all of the controls are very useful. There’s a lot of impact on the tone all the way through each knob.

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with guitar software but I know the real DS-1 like the back of my hand. What I hear as I play with this software is a very realistic rendition of my stock DS-1. I have two that have been modified. One is a Keeley mod and the other an Analogman mod. What I hear in the plugin is highly realistic.

I didn’t really know stuff this existed, most of the software I have tried in the past has been really fake sounding but this is great. We ran the DS-1 into software versions of a few of my favorite amps; the Marshall JCM 800, the Marshall JTM45 and the Fender Bassman. If I closed my eyes, I would not have known it was software. Technology is great and if I am hear to speak on this software’s realism, I have to say it’s terrific.


Distortion 1 is  a realistic and high quality plugin that comes either cheap on it’s own or cheap with the other two plugins in the pedalboard distortions bundle. If you are a fan of the original, you will get your money’s worth with this plugin. Enjoy!