Carbon – Analog BBD Delay

Platforms: Win/Mac

SCORE: 9 / 10



The plugin world has no shortage of delay and reverb plugins but like every other area of the plugin world, evolution and variety is part of the game.

Sknote has given us a plugin version of the MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal. This is a tried and true delay pedal that has been a fixture in many a pedal board over the years. The reason for that comes down to the Carbon Copy being simple, versatile and high quality.


The pedal looks great and the GUI is simple but effective. It’s still a grittier look but they’ve added some sparkle to things which is nice. The controls are pretty realistic in value and response which is always a plus with any plugin.

I have three uses for delay pedals and I always take every delay plugin through them. First is a slapback for country, blues etc. Next is as a solo enhancer where I set it for 2 medium length repeats with the mix set lower. Lastly, I love to use a longer drawn out delay with a medium to large reverb with the mix on the verb at about 20-30%. The atmospheres you can build with delay and reverb.

The Carbon passed all my tests with flying colors and it’s become by go-to delay plugin for all guitar applications. It has a lot of versatility in that it, like the real Carbon Copy delay can be used for really any genre and application.


Again, the quality is through the roof and I am very impressed. If you are looking for a really high quality delay plugin that will give you consistent and high quality results, look no further!!


Posted Mar 11th 2019