We really wanted to give you some insight of who we are and why we started this page to begin with. This might be a bit long winded but we hope you get some insight as to why we are here and what we bring to the table.

We started this page to create a trusted and always up to date resource that guitarists and bass players can use to help them to decide what software to purchase. How many times have you looked up reviews on an older sim and found nothing but reviews from 6-7 years ago on abandoned audio blog pages or ancient forum posts?

We set out with the intention of reviewing every single amp sim or guitar related plugin being sold or offered free on the market today over the course of a year with a few stipulations. Some plugins we had lots of experience with before review, some we did not.

– We did not review any trial or partial versions. We also didn’t review a product without all available expansions, add-ons and current updated version installed.

– We mostly avoided plugins that only had a 32-bit option. We made some exceptions for some truthfully incredible freeware plugins but generally we felt that if a developer hadn’t made an attempt to make at least a 64-bit plugin, the plugin must be out of date. The list of plugins would have also been needlessly massive.

95% of the paid plugins we tested, we purchased. The rest were given to us for review in NFR format. No pirated software was or ever will be used at HASR. NFR licenses and discounts are appreciated but trust doesn’t happen over night so we will pay our dues.

Why do so many reviews just regurgitate tech specs and features that can be readily found on the developer’s website? At HASR, our reviews read like you are chatting gear with someone because aren’t we all gearheads? We always include a link to the developer’s page for specs, details and purchasing info.

Our reviews are the product of time and effort with every product. Scores are based on a variety of factors but good quality tones always win around here. You may not agree with all of our reviews and it’s true, our grammar and punctuation skills are not that of Rhodes scholars but you can always expect honesty and our best effort.

We also like to give our users history on amps. These amps might just seem like plugins to some but you have to look at them as the amps that have been modeled. All of those amps have history, famous users, famous builders and things that we want to share with all of you. All of us also have a lot of experience with many of the amps being modeled.

Another part of what we do here is helping people chase specific tones with only plugins. We help you to figure out the best gear and ideal signal chains for a ton of styles and genres or even specific guitarists.

This will be an ad free page in every way and that will never change. We are going to start a donation system where at the end of the month, we will take all donations, buy the best plugin we can for that amount of money and then have a giveaway. Having monthly giveaways or even 3-4 per year would be a very cool way to reward people for dropping by.

We hope that our page helps guitarists, developers, home recording warriors and everyone else in the cycle of things. You can always trust that we will give you our honest opinion on everything that comes out.

At this time we do not allow commenting on our posts. It will remain this way at least until the page is 100% complete but it may stay that way. We really don’t want to have to moderate the comments on our page, it creates needless work and requires time we would rather spend testing gear. We do however have a facebook for any and all guitar and bass related software topics, questions, tips and more.

Happy reading!!