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Hair Metal Plugin Heaven

Hair metal is now for the most part a dead genre for now with the exception of a few modern bands like Steel Panther holding it together plus all the old stars still doing festivals and small tours. Most look back at this stage with at least some level of humor and how could they not? Even just the standard “look” of the era is a clear and concise reason to crack a smile or two when the hair metal topic comes up.

Some would say the main good thing to come from the era was that the entire scene was packed solid with shredders, some of which went on to be guitar legends. It was basically an arms race on the Sunset strip with bands competing for shred supremacy. Every band was trying to out do each other with more shred, bigger drum kits, higher vocals, more amps, more hairspray, more indoor pyro and so on. As a result, the technical prowess on display was staggering to say the least even if the material was a wee bit on the soft side.

Hair metal was also an age of gear obsession for many players. Digital gear became more and more of a fixture, solid-state amps started gaining traction, the Floyd Rose was nearly an industry standard and with appearance being paramount, 412 cabs were always stacked to the rafters of even dive bars. The Marshall JCM800 was a hugely dominant amp with the Mesa Mark Series amps being next up and then amps like the Randall RG100, ADA MP1 rigs and a collection of others made up the rest.

We picked out our favorite amp sims and pedal plugins for the creation of hair metal shred. There are however many.





  • High quality pedal plugins that can be purchased together or separately for great prices
  • DS-1, Big Muff, HM2 and other stomps included! Grab em’ all.


  • Screamer, fuzz, phaser, chorus and much more available in the bundle
  • There are few FREE plugins in the bunch, try them today to hear the quality!


  • A stellar quality collection of mostly vintage effects
  • Flanger, chorus, phaser, Uni-Vibe, delay and so much more


  • A plugin collection of some of the 80s most popular stomps
  • Includes the legendary TCE Booster / Distortion

TSE R47 – (FREE)

  • The best free version of the ProCo RAT
  • Older plugin but still performs like something released yesterday
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