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Sims not (yet) reviewed on the site

While we strive to review all amps sims there’s still a number of amp sims and pedals out there developed by individuals or smaller, indie, less-known companies that’s not reviewed on this site as of yet. These range from full-blown sims to proof-of-concepts and experiments. Most – but not all – of these are freeware. Some are excellent but quality varies. To make it easier finding these here is a list (in random order) of some of the amp sims and pedals not mentioned anywhere else on the site.


Russian developer Vadim Taranov has been around for some time and established a solid reputation for doing good freeware and low-cost amp sims. For example check the free P.R.O.T.O Four. Also don’t miss his contributions to the HASR Freepack.

Developer site


Check the Modern Deluxe and Tone Deluxe amp sims, also some keyboard-related VSTs. Freeware.

Developer Site

DiBiQuadro Audio

An Italian developer offering a Soldano and a Rectifier preamp. They are based on full component modeling. An interesting aspect is that you can tweak values of the components in the model. Not freeware and beware of the really high system requirements for running these.

Developer site

SGA – Ace

A free model of a legendary 1950s, American, all tube, tweed, 5W amp by Shattered Glass Audio.

Developer Site


A science project turning a Klon Centaur schematic into an audio plugin. That’s how the ChowCentaur was born. Includes both a traditional and a neural network-based model. If you want to dig into the code it’s all on Github. Open source software (BSD).

Developer site

Schrammel OJD

An overdrive that is full of tone and maybe a bit obsessive. Developed as a side-project by a guy who works at Sonible. Code available on Github for this one too. Open source software (GPL).

Developer Site

Wampler Terraform

Wampler is offering VST3 versions of three of the fx from their multi-function pedal Terraform as a test. Included is an envelope follower, a univibe and a chorus. Download is free but you will have to answer a short survey.

Developer site

Cornflower Audio

Cornflower Audio is a Belarusian developer that offers the Fury amplifier for metal with some pre- and post-fx and a pretty unique UI with slavic warriors and monsters. Don’t miss the “language” menu choice to see the site in English.. Freeware.

Developer Site

Analog Obsession

Lots of free plugins mainly modeled after analog gear . All released for free on their Patreon page. For guitar you’ll find some preamps and effects pedals including a model of a Russian Big Muff.

Developer site


NSP is a russian developer that has some overdrive plugins on his site. Check out the Overdrive Rack Pro for example. Freeware.

Developer Site

EXE Consulting

A number of amp sims and pedals to download. A good place to start would be with the “Classic Thirty”, that has some unusual (and highly detailed) settings to fine-tune amp gain. Developer Dave Clark was involved with the classic ACME Bar Gig software. Freeware.

Developer site

Musical Entropy

Guitar Gadgets was an entry to the KVR Developer Challenge 2014. The focus here was not to develop classic effects but weird, strange, ugly or “different” ones instead. Freeware.

Developer Site


Has a number of guitar sims but everything is still in beta. Still there are some demos to download if you want to try them out at an early stage.

Developer site

If you know a plugin/developer that you think should be on this list, please let us know in the Honest Amp Sim Reviews usergroup on Facebook.

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