HASR Free Pack 2.0


We are so happy to offer up a terrific pack of free stuff from some terrific developers!! Brought to us by: Vadim Taranov, Seacow Cabs, TSE, Valhallir, SinMix, Aurora DSP, Luan Albani and more!

Let’s take a walk through everything provided in this pack!!


  • Distorque Face Bender – based on a Fuzz Face and Tone Bender
  • TSE 808 Tube Screamer – based on Maxon 808

THE PREAMPS (32/64-bit Windows Only)

The preamps in this pack have been made by Vadim Taranov at PV Amps. His work might only be for windows users but it’s truly killer for the price. He also has more freeware!

  • Krunkensteinhigh gain – based on Krank Krankenstein
  • The NSBmid to high gain – PVAmps original
  • Pigsnout dirty to crunch – based on Pignose amp
  • Knightmid to high gain – PVAmps original
  • Invasionmid to high gain – based on Engl Invader
  • PV530mid to high gain – based on Engl E530 preamp


For the power section we are going to recommend the always-reliable TPA-1 power amp plugin from Ignite Amps. Simply download the TPA-1, insert it after the preamp in your chain and choose between three tube types (EL34, 6L6, KT88). For a more solid state sound, a saturation plugin can be used in place of a power amp. For this purpose we recommend Fab Filter Saturn, Kazrog True Iron, Softube Saturation Knob or bx_saturator from Brainworx as a few to start with.


HASR / SEACOW STACK PACK #1 – This pack is a combination of all of the current blend and single mic packs we have collaborated on with Seacow. The High Gain, Punk, Thrash and others that we had on the website a while have been condensed into one pack of blends. If you have the originals, there’s no difference in the files, they have merely been condensed. All blends were created with STL / Ignite Libra.

The IR pack also includes very generous contributions from:

Aurora DSP

Seacow Cabs


Luan Albani



While the selection is small, these two simple inclusions can combine to create terrific tones for a number of styles and genres. Whether on it’s own or with IRs, the TSE BOD never fails to deliver!

  • The TSE BOD
  • Seacow Bass Pack

Download the Free Pack!!


“Why are the preamps Windows only?

The PV preamps are made in part with a program that does not port to Mac. The updated pack does however cover 64-bit users where in the past they were 32-bit only.

“What about Mac users?”

The PV preamps will likely never be available for Mac users but everything else in this pack is fully Mac compatible. In time we will be adding further plugins that we guarantee will be ported to Mac but in the meantime, here’s a list of incredible FREEWARE that both Win and Mac users can enjoy!

“Is this pack only for metal?”

The free pack can be used to create a variety of tones but there is currently no clean tone option available. Most of the amps go from crunchy to very high levels of gain with the Pigsnout being the only “rock” type amp. Enjoy!

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