NEW! Brainworx Friedman Amps

For some time now, a top quality Friedman plugin has been at the top of many guitarist’s wishlists. Sure, the UAD exclusive versions of these plugins have existed for some time now but only a small percentage of amp sim users are UAD users. The masses have been demanding native versions of the plugins since they hit the market and now they have their wish.

Introducing the fully native versions of the Brainworx Friedman BE100 and DS40 / Dirty Shirley!! This duo of amp sims can tend to literally every possible rock requirement a player could ever need. Want ACDC? How about Alice In Chains? Perhaps Mastodon? The choices are yours when you arm yourself with these rock star level amp sims.

These are not only two of very few Friedman-inspired plugins, they are by a considerably margin the best and most realistic of the few. Both plugins provide a very solid look and listen into all the things that make Friedman amplification the huge brand it is.

Go to the Friedman website (found HERE) to familiarize yourself with the BE100 and DS40 “Dirty Shirley” because the amp sims truly capture the tone characteristics of both amps that made them so famous.

Full reviews and content on the way!!! The entire staff here at HASR highly recommends both of these plugins!!


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