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NEW! Softube Marshall Amps!

Softube becomes yet another company to return to the amp sim game with some exciting products. After some time working on other areas of pro audio and plugins, Softube comes in hot with a nice duo of fully licensed Marshall products!

The first amp in the nice tag team is the Marshall KFK Kerry King Signature amp. This amp is essentially a beefed up / modded JCM 800 with some extra features that really create the Slayer tone we all know so well. My first impressions of the KFK amp are top shelf. It’s a very different animal from all the other high gain amp sims on the market currently. For those thinking this beast will only provide Slayer tones, you are mistaken. There’s a lot to this plugin for a variety of players.

The second amp is the famed 1959 Marshall Plexi. We are talking about guitar amp royalty with the list of guitar legends and heroes that have used the ’59 Plexi. The analog version has been used for decades to create some of the most notable guitar tones in rock history. While I don’t believe any plugin will ever truly harness the Plexi, Softube has certainly done a terrific job with this one. I had a blast rocking my ass off for a couple hours straight in the first session and I believe many others will as well.

A full review, content as well as live session features on our USER GROUP can be expected soon for both plugins.


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