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Overview – York Audio


York Audio is a newer player to the IR game but don’t let that fool you because the quality in the products exudes experience. The company was brought to my attention by a reader and it didn’t take long for York Audio to win me over completely.

It’s always nice to see new players to the game but when they bring top quality products, it’s even nicer. At the time I was introduced to York Audio, the company had 6 releases and all of them sound great.

The files are organized beautifully and simply which I always appreciate. Of course, with any developer, file organization can always be redone / customized but it’s nice to enjoy things as presented. York Audio include the industry standard microphones and positions in every pack while obviously tossing their own spin on things.

Brand wise, all the heavies like Marshall, Mesa, Fender, Bogner etc are covered, which is always the best way for any IR developer to get started in my opinion. The Matchless cab however is more rare for the IR market and it’s represented very nicely.

All in all York Audio has made a truly great first impression on both myself and the IR market in a short time and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for their product line.


  • Bogna 412
  • DXVB Verb Deluxe
  • MES 412
  • MRSH M20
  • MTCH 212
  • ZILA 212

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