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NEW – Audiority L12X

With a market that can at times be focused on providing plugin versions of mainly the most popular and most expensive gear in the world, some gear gets forgotten in the shuffle. A fine example from the past is the terrific AXP/SoftAmp FM25 modeled from a tiny practice amp.

The Marshall Lead 12 amp is another real sleeper and when you look at the price or size of it, you may even think, “what the heck? Why?”. Don’t let any of that fool you, the analog version amp might be little but it’s versatile and it records really well with a proper cabinet. Why not do a plugin?

Audiority has masterfully recreated this little solid-state jack-of-all-trades and there’s a nice gain boost switch for those that want a little more than the stock amount of dirt. Oh, I just about forgot; the company is offering the plugin for FREE!

The brand new L12X Solid-State Amplifier is capable of nice clean tones, crunchy rock tones and with some help from a boost pedal; the metal world can also be conquered. It can really sound and behave like a limited version of the legendary Marshall Valvestate.

With different IRs, effects, drive pedals and more, the L12X really acts like a nice canvas for users to create a wide range of really great tones. Audiority’s own Pedalboard Distortions bundle is full of awesome ways to mold and shape the L12X’s gain applications.

ETA is JAN 20TH but between now and then, we have plenty of content and discussion about the plugin over on our user group. Head over and join our user group HERE!!

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