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Nalex is a newer developer that came on the scene more recently. The freeware products are getting a ton of attention because they sound awesome and the selection is solid. I have to say, I feel like this freeware is the start of something big for them.

The latest updates of the Crunchman, Ninja and Pectifier have a built-in poweramps (based on Nalex own PowerEnd). But – at least for now – the rest are just preamps so to use them, at least an impulse response loader and IRs are needed. For best results, a power amp plugin should be used in the chain between the preamp and IR loader. Nalex recommend users turn to the Ignite Amps TPA-1 to give the amps more warmth, feel and tube character. For an IR loader, see our quick guide.

Being that these are constantly being worked on and improved, this review will not include scores. Every time we update the amps to the newest versions, these will likely be added to. We will also add new products as they become available.

With each amp is a FREE impulse response suggestion from Seacow Cabs!



Based on the preamp section of one of the most popular amps out there; The Friedman BE50, this two channel plugin will surprise most. To learn more about it: check the Crunchman review on our site.

Suggested IR: Seacow Cabs Friedman Butterslax


This was the first Nalex plugin I tried and it blew me away. When I tried it with the TPA-1’s KT88 tube options, the Gerbert came out sounding absolutely awesome. This one was the first one I tried and immediately, I was convinced that Nalex are onto something great. It would be very cool to have the mid cut feature brought over to this plugin in the future as for me, that’s a really important feature in the real Herbert. I look forward to seeing the updates for the Gerbert in time.

Suggested IR: Diezel G12K100


The Ninja is the best Nalex choice for modern metal of any kind. This thing sounds beyond incredible and it doesn’t require a boost/OD/TS etc. The amp is designed to sound and behave like a boosted amp but it can be boosted for that all-out-Ola type of cut. For metal players, the Ninja is a must-have in my opinion and it’s only going to get better as Nalex gets better. Download this ASAP for crunchy to crushing tones that sound like they could easily be paid software.

Suggested IR: Hesu 412


Third amp in the Nalex line to get an updated GUI is the Rectifier which is re-launched as the Pectifier. A lot of work went into this one and it’s actually a pretty reliable Recto tone. The Rectifier tone is tough to pull off properly but Nalex have created a pretty good sounding plugin here. I had it sounding monstrous with a tube screamer, the TPA-1 on 6L6 mode and a nice blend of 412 Mesa Oversized / OS impulse responses.

Suggested IR: Meshall 412


There are a few Uberschall amps and I am not 100% sure which one this is based on. When it comes to Bogner-inspired plugins, Bogners are often attempted but not always nailed. This plugin does a good job of providing most of the signature Bogner tone traits but it really needs the EL34 side of the TPA-1 to shine. This one could use a little refining but it still sounds and plays great.

Suggested IR: Engl E412 V60


I’d actually say the Valver is my favorite amp of the bunch. This one shows a power section in the graphic so I am not 100% sure if it requires a power amp plugin or not but it sure sounds awesome either way. The Valver has some of the coolest high gain tones out there. It’s got a very solid state feel to it which I like for a few different sounds. Add tube warmth with any of the tube type in the TPA-1.

Suggested IR: Hesu 412


The Amplex is a multi-amp from Nalex. By loading amp configurations presets from txt-files that are available as a separate download you can make the Amplex sound like different amps. The provided presets already include a 20 or so amps. It’s easy to use and while the sounds don’t compete with sims dedicated to emulating a specific amp it’s still pretty good.


Right now, I think Nalex is onto something really great. Many developers have started with freeware before moving on to doing paid products for their own companies and on contract for others. Nalex has a really great start to what I hope will be a bright future.

I would really like to see Nalex concentrate on improving their PowerEnd plugin instead of having to rely on the Ignite Amps TPA-1. That plugin is truly awesome but it would be nice to see Nalex upgrade their own. Three tube types and some updating from it’s current state could make it really effective. Apart from that, I say just keep up the great work and go a little bit at a time.

See more: some Nalex demos from Youtube

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