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Nembrini Analog Rack FX Bundle

A nice selection of effects is something I believe every guitarist should have in their arsenal. Nembrini's Analog Rack FX provides just that.

Rating: 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.


A nice selection of effects is something I believe every guitarist should have in their arsenal. Even for players that maybe don’t use a lot of effects, having a high quality selection of tools for delay, processing, reverb, modulation and other applications really makes sense for just the right moments. For that one little part here and there or experimentation it just makes more sense to have than not have something in the box for everything.

The Nembrini Audio Analog Rack Bundle is a huge collection of mostly stomp style effects made to look like rack components. The selection is incredible and it provides something for nearly everyone. The various components can be run in your DAW directly or opened up in the Nembrini Audio Rig Player that acts like a signal chain suite for ALL Nembrini Audio plugins.


The GUIs are all laid out really nice, the colors and navigation are all on point but when enlarged or looked at up close, the graphics look a little bit fuzzy or blurry. This doesn’t change anything for the score for me but it’s worth noting that I feel the plugins would look better if they had the same crispness of the other Nembrini Audio plugins.

All of the controls have a lot of value which I like because even in the case of the Fuzz plugin with only two parameters, users get a lot of ability to shape the tones. None of these pedals give you just a piece of what they are supposed to do, they all provide a real functional experience.

The collection boasts a tube screamer, fuzz face, delay, reverb, compressor, flanger, phaser, cleaner, gate, tremolo, guitar EQ, bass EQ, chorus and more. I have tested every one of the components in a number of applications and there are just no weak links to speak of in any of these effects. There’s not one I didn’t like or didn’t find useful.

There are also some FREE modules from this bundle. The chorus, cleaner, delay and gate plugins in the set can be downloaded absolutely free in full version with no expiration. These are some of if not the highest quality freeware guitar effects plugins available anywhere so I strongly recommend getting these components first to test the quality of the bundle.

While all of the plugins are of very high quality, everyone has their favorites. For me, the tube screamer, phaser, delay and chorus have seen the most action and since the release of this bundle, they have taken over pretty much all other plugins I was using for these applications.

Each plugin has a built in virtual tube preamp circuit which gives them all a truly warm analog feel. They are so realistic, I find myself grinning or doing a double take every once in a while. Reason being is that sometimes effects plugins can feel a bit boxy and really there just aren’t that many out there so it’s wonderful to have incredible analog type sounds at my disposal.

From what I gather, many of the plugins are based on and modeled from some truly legendary gear but Nembrini Audio put their own custom additions and mods into the design. With some developers, I would suggest leaving things alone and just focusing on modeling things closely. However Igor Nembrini’s vast experience as both a guitarist and developer have given him the ability to add things guitarists really want.


Without question, the Analog Rack FX Bundle is something I would recommend to any guitarist or bass player out there. There’s a great selection and everything sounds phenomenal. Nembrini Audio continues to release great product after great product and they have really become a fixture in the top ranks of the industry.

The only remote downside are the plugin’s slightly blurry graphics but apart from that, these really are some of the best if not the best effect type plugins I have ever used. The selection is fantastic and who knows, maybe more components will come around in an update or newer version. For now however, everything in the bundle is absolutely worth buying at full price but it’s worth noting that Nembrini often has killer sales so get on that mailing list asap!

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