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The Return Of Redwirez!

Generally, on a daily basis, I get a lot of emails, some good, some just part of the daily grind but here and there I get an email that puts an ear-to-ear grin on my face.

Today that email came from Redwirez to announce their return to the game. I am absolutely elated to be able to post about this because Redwirez were some of the first IRs I purchased when I got into amp sims. Their BIGBOX is one of the flat out best buys for the buck on the market. It has been around for quite some time and is to this day still one of the most used packs in the game. See the incredible contents of BIGBOX HERE

With consumer expectations and industry standards changing, there was a great demand for Redwirez to bring their BIGBOX and the wealth of products inside to another level. The company answered the bell and then some on this one with the release of the BIGBOX X and MIXIR3.

The new IRs feature:

  • Longer. Now 500ms for better bass definition.
  • Smoother. Advanced processing to remove unwanted acoustic artifacts.
  • Cleaner. Less noise, better SNR.
  • Easier. Presets for commonly used studio techniques.
  • Mix ready. We filter out the rumble and buzz. IRs sound better and sit better in the mix.
mixIR³ IR Loader

Players get 48 guitar and bass cabinets that can be either loaded into the brand new MIXIR3 or they can be loaded into your IR loader of choice. The list of brands represented inside the pack is beyond impressive and perhaps equally impressive is the selection of mics to choose from. You’ll find the mainstays consistent across many IR developers but there’s also find some rarities as well. DIVE IN!!

It also seems like there’s a new side to Redwirez launching with the “module” format. It seems similar to the format used by Two Notes in their popular Wall Of Sound plugin but it offers different options. Those choosing to use the modules will have access to features that provide that hands-on 3D feel like:

  • Exclusively for the Redwirez mixIR³
  • Navigate a virtual cab to visually sculpt your tone
  • Accurately model tube amp and speaker interaction with cab-specific impedance curves.
  • Easily adjust cabinet bass response
  • Equal loudness compensation. Constant level across IRs so you can make decisions based on tone not volume.
BIGBox X Bundle

MixIR3 has the ability to load and mix any IR from your entire collection from any developer. MixIR2 was pretty great so I assume this will be no even better. You can mix up to 30 IRs while also tweaking and shaping using a number of provided controls.

Redwirez kind of took a break before the new boom of amp sim users came into the picture so I look forward to all of the new users getting to try these great IRs with their favorite amp sims. Check everything out asap!


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