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When I started this page nearly a year ago, I wanted nothing to do with YouTube or social media. I just wanted the page to be it’s own thing and leave it that way but over time I realized the need for YT, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms if we as a group wanted the page to grow. I also started having fun with it oddly enough.

Today’s social media and YT landscape seems to demand a high quality product if anyone is going to watch and the main problem for me was that I had absolutely no idea how to make a proper video. I didn’t want to be the guy with cellphone quality audio and video but there was a long line of obstacles between myself and legitimate quality content.

Learning cameras, lights, video editing software, Photoshop plus even just the simple techniques and methods being used has taken some real time away from other areas but it’s been worth it. I have also spent a lot of time toying with different formats in a series of live sessions you can check out on our Facebook page.

All this in addition to trying to improve my mixing skills, guitar playing, bass playing and a full time day job has been a real journey but we are almost there! This winter will bring a real boom of content for our YT as that will be my main focus outside of regular reviews.

We have also brought on some great new personalities to contribute to our YouTube improvements. Bryce Vanhoosen, Abel Hernandez and Leon Todd will be chiming in from time to time and our new staff bass guru Giacomo Gastaldi will be doing plenty of bass content in the coming months. We also hope to add at least one more personality to the team so if you are a solid versatile player that loves doing up content, get in touch with us!

As we are an ad-free page, acquiring some of the equipment and software needed to move forward has also taken some time. If anyone out there wants to donate to HASR, any amount is appreciated and the donate tab can be found to the right of this post. Help us keep HASR ad-free for good

Cheers and thank you!

Coach T

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