Audio Assault Bass gear

NEW! Audio Assault Duality

Audio Assault has been steadily improving their products for some time now. The Dominator caught some attention, the Hellbeast brought some real stellar tones and now, it’s time for bass.

Once upon a time, Audio Assault put out the Bassgrinder which to be honest, was not really a fantastic bass plugin. Duality Bass Studio however is on a much higher level. Users get three amps and a bunch of other strong sounding features and I recommend all bass players give it a go!

My first impressions were pretty good for sure, I took about an hour to play with everything the plugin has to offer and I was not disappointed. The distorted tones are nice, the features all work great and overall, so far it seems like this could be a real head turner for the company.

There’s a very nice introductory price right now and there’s also a very nice sale happening at Audio Assault so while there, grab the Hellbeast too. Our new staff bass ninja; Giacomo Gastaldi and myself will be putting out content and a review shortly.


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