Welcome – Giacomo Gastaldi!

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We would like to welcome Giacomo Gastaldi to the Honest Amp Sim Reviews crew! You may know from Bloodshot Dawn and/or Darkend.

The reasons behind this move are very simple. While I know good bass tones, how to get them and how to mix them, I am NOT a bass player. I like to play bass and I am upping my skills slowly but if we want to be the most comprehensive guide to amp sims, we need a real bass player.

Having Giacomo’s skills and experience involved here will ensure that all bass products are reviewed and demoed as thoroughly as possible. A versatile and well schooled bass player can provide us with so many different looks and angles at products we may have previously undervalued.

I am hoping to redo or at least update our bass software reviews with notes from Giacomo in time. We ask that any developer with a bass amp sim, impulse response pack or other bass related plugin that we have not reviewed to reach out.

As we build our YouTube, he will also be building his own content which we will link as it becomes available!

Check out Giacomo’s various projects below!


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