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I’ve never had a guitar endorsement and I honestly didn’t think I ever would but today is the day it finally came true. I am happy to announce that I am now an Ormsby artist and I look forward to sharing my experiences as I go. If I may share a few words in the meantime.

I first took notice of the Australian-based company about 6-7 years ago when I saw Joe Haley playing one in a Psycroptic live video live video. It wasn’t the ESP I was used to seeing and the headstock caught me eye immediately. Whenever I see a high level player I admire using something that looks very cool, I usually assume it’s priced at a custom shop rate that is unattainable for the average Joe, which was the case when I was first attracted to the brand.

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The glorious Metal X body style

Since then, Ormsby guitars’ owner Perry Ormsby and his staff have done nothing but work their asses off to be able to deliver more cost effective ways for the average musician to enjoy their creations. Their Korean-made runs have shot into the stratosphere with popularity and taken the company to another level.

These are top quality instruments that feature top quality parts/materials with some of the most breathtaking finishes imaginable starting around $1200USD (+shipping etc). It’s worth noting that the World Music Instruments factory in Korea (where the GTR runs are built) has made some incredible products for B.C. Rich, Chapman, Dean, Gretsch, LTD, Line6, PRS SE, Schecter and many others.

Dino Cazares Signature model

One thing that really makes me happy to be with Ormsby is their Facebook user group. In this group, you will see countless users regularly speaking so positively and loyally about their instruments. Nothing but high praise for the quality, customer service, manufacturing, craftsmanship, materials and really all things Ormsby makes people feel comfortable on a lot of levels, myself included.

My first Ormsby is a HypeGTR 6 Multiscale in “Purr Pull” that I have named “Panthor”. Here are the specs for anyone that is curious.

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BODY: Chambered Swamp Ash with black stain (except Natural color option), white binding, and Flame Maple veneer top
NECK: Laminated Rock Maple, set neck, carbon reinforced rods​
NECK SHAPE: 19.0 @ 1st – 21 @ 17th D shape
FRETWIRE: Jumbo Stainless Steel
INLAY: White Pearl, Z pattern
SIDE DOTS: Luminlay
BRIDGE: Custom Ormsby, string through body
MACHINEHEADS: Locking (Ormsby branded)
ELECTRONICS: 500k Volume, 500k Tone with Push/Pull + 3 way toggle switch
PICKUPS: Nunchucker A8 Bridge humbucker, De La Creme A2 Neck humbucker.

The situation also allows for me to play all of the beloved instruments in my collection so there will still be a nice blend of guitars used for reviews, content, tracking and everything else at HASR. It’s important to me to have a blend of guitars and I hope to add more Ormsby to the ranks in the future.

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More GTR models!

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