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Mikko Logren and his ML Sound Lab products have only come onto the impulse response scene in recent years but the products that have been released have seemingly captured a lot of praise and attention. The brand gained instant strength by being the go-to for the cabinet section of every Neural DSP plugin thus far.

Each pack contains single mic files with a standard assortment of mics and positions as well as very strong multi-mic blends that usually have some creative names. I find the blends / mixed files to be some of the most mix-ready in the industry for modern applications.

ML Sound Lab also have a plugin called MIKKO which if I have to explain basically, I would say is a high quality and extremely, no.. insanely tweakable cab sim that you can use to create your own impulses based on a killer selection of ML Sound Lab impulse reponses.

Keep in mind, I am explaining that in a way simplistic way so by all means, for an explanation of what MIKKO does, check the website and YouTube. I love the plugin and I think it can really bring new life to old amp sims or give newer ones another angle to get the tone you want. There’s also a free limited version that can really give you a good idea of what the plugin offers.

The MIKKO plugin


  • Zila
  • Mega Oversize
  • Freeman
  • VX30
  • ORNG
  • Boaner

The quality of the products is high across the board but with an avg price per pack of $30USD or so, it puts them in the upper price bracket for impulse responses. Are they worth it? Are they that much better? These are two questions I am asked fairly often regarding the MLSL cabs.

Well, my advice with any new impulse company is to buy a pack based on a cab you are very familiar with and enjoy from other developers. Then compare those impulses to your favorites from other developers based on the same cabinet. Run side by side tests using an impulse loader and then see which ones you like best. Finding impulse responses that really work for your needs is important and can be worth a little extra but I think that mindset resonates with many other product purchase decisions.

Personally, I enjoy these impulses a lot but I believe the quality across all of the high end impulse response developers is fairly even. That said, they all have their own way of doing things so it becomes more about finding products based on the cabinets you want, who has the best blends, mic and mic position selections and so on.

Check out everything MLSL has to offer right HERE!!

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