New Contributors!!

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BRYCE VAN HOOSEN – Bryce is one of the most exciting guitarists out there today. He’s also one of the driving forces behind one of the most talked about underground bands in the business; SILVER TALON! He brings experience, knowledge, extreme skill and a great personality to HASR. We are very lucky to have him aboard and you’ll be seeing content from him on both our website and eventually our YouTube as well. Bryce does content for EMG, Jackson, Fortin and more!

Be sure to jump on all of Bryce’s social media! His YouTube page can be found HERE! He’s also very present on Instagram and Facebook as well. Check them all out!!

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ABEL HERNANDEZ – Abel is one of the all-around most solid players you will find. He has stellar tone, professional quality videos and a truly great mind for creating watchable (and re-re-rewatchable) content that always showcases the best abilities of the product in question. His razor sharp playing on both the lead and rhythm side of modern guitar add a whole other side to HASR and we sincerely look forward to having him contributing. Look forward to a column on the website and content for our YouTube in the coming months.

You can hit up Abel’s YouTube HERE or find him on Instagram, Facebook and more. You certainly won’t be disappointed!!

We will not be adding staff for some time after this as we feel that we are now a complete package but we will spend time to turn this team into a juggernaut. Give us a little time to settle things in and you’ll be surprised!