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The “Dad Approved” Contest

We have had some HUGE contests in our short history. We have given away thousands of dollars worth of software, impulse responses and more with the amazing help from almost every developer out there. We are trying to scale back on the contests so that we can do big ones in January and July every year but there will still be chances to win great stuff throughout the year.

The month of October will be a month dedicated to vintage genres, plugins based on vintage gear and generally trying to grow the technology to users outside of the 1-2 very small demographics that are most responsible for the sales of guitar and bass software. Mostly notably the 50+ crowd.

This month is sponsored by the incredible Fuse Audio Labs and Dr.Bonkers Sound Lab. The prizes are as follows:

1) A package from Fuse Audio Labs that will feature the F-59 amp sim (which is based on a 1959 Fender Tweed Bassman) with the rest of the package being a secret until the winner is announced.

2) The Falko 110 impulse pack from Dr.Bonkers based upon a 2015 Tone King® Falcon™ 1 X 10 with an Eminence speaker. This is a perfect impulse pack to use with the F-59 amp sim. It might not look like much but it provides a wonderful bunch of tones.

Together these products have a ton of high quality applications. This compact rig will be ideal for blues, country, jazz, southern rock, classic rock and more. The clean tones are exquisite, the dirty driven tones are very high quality and the winner of this package will not be disappointed.

Fuse are also about to release some updates and other fun stuff in the coming months so please stay tuned!!!

HOW TO ENTER: Simply email us and enter! but we would really like for everyone that enters to go out and tell an older player about amp sims, plugins and more. This will be the honor system so it’s up to you but we will hope for the best!! The winner will be announced on Oct 31st and it would be appreciated if the winner would do some content of some sort for the products involved.