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Many of us grow up with Dads that play guitar and/or other instruments. Many guitarists grew up playing along with their fathers and many others still do. I ran a few comments that read as Dad approved and they seemed to go over pretty well because we got requests for more.

Our in-house wordpress / web ninja; Johan and one of our most loyal supporters; Stephen will be doing posts monthly on products that they feel would really hit home and hold the most value for 50+ players. Vintage inspired plugins or plugins based on gear our parents grew up playing on or perhaps could never afford in hardware form. We will have a lot of fun and try our best to bring out the plugins that represent gear from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

We are also going to be offering help for those wanting to get their Dad’s set up with plugins. I’ll be making up a FREE DAD BUNDLE that will include the FM25 from AXP / Softamp, our country / clean impulse pack from Seacow as well as an easy step by step guide on how to get your Dad rocking at home in no time. The Bundle will be released with the “Dad Approved” contest beginning October 1st. This will be sponsored by Fuse Audio Labs and more. Stay tuned!

No matter what kind of player your Dad or even Grand Father might be, we can help them find great tone and ease of use! There’s a wealth of incredible software out there that can be used to recreate some of the warmest vintage tones imaginable for every “Dad” genre.

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