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A new feature we will will be including as part of the new MODest Guitarist section of the page opening in September will be a series of DIY Mod Projects that will be a step by step journey from finding the hidden gem guitars and basses out there, seeing the potential through their condition to modifying them cost effectively with better parts and finally the reconditioning and setting them up properly. Another option here will be the assembly / partscaster route where you acquire the parts and assemble them yourself. You can really end up with instruments that play and sound well beyond their dollar value.

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I will try to do a couple of these per year and I may auction some of them off to raise funds for the site, some of them will be donated to a local music program, two will be contest prizes and some will act as reviewing / testing instruments here at HASR.

From start to finish, this should be a lot of fun and if you’d like to donate to the project, we have a donation button on the sidebar of the page. These will not be pricey projects but every little bit helps us make the page even better! If you are a product provider that would like to sponsor these by supplying parts for a build, luthier tools or anything that might aide these spots, please get in touch with us to discuss!

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I will mostly be using lower-cost instruments because amp sims weren’t designed to require expensive guitars to sound good however, sometimes I find expensive instruments in rough shape that were easy to save and bring new life to. Another reason is because the majority of amp sim users are on a tighter budget that requires a little more creativity when it comes to chasing tones. The third big reason is being able to show the quality of the pickups and what a good set can do for a low to middle priced instrument.

For the professional tech / luthier advice, I will be reaching for the best and most useful videos that I have found in my own DIY travels and some of our trusted experts. I will try and only share the most useful advice, videos, articles and content to assist in what will be difficult but worthwhile process.

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We aren’t trying to be a tech / luthier page, what we are trying to do is push people to learn how to do their own installs, repairs, mods etc. The more money you can save on installs is more money you can spend on pickups and other upgrades that aren’t difficult to do with practice and the right info.

Amp sims are a way to affordably get amazing tone, let us show you how you can also maximize the potential of your instruments on a number of budgets. These will all be sponsored projects and the sponsors will depend on parts donated. One of these guitars will be donated yearly to someone we know needs it more than we do.

We hope you enjoy these features!

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