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Bass Month Giveaway – we have a winner!

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The competition is now closed. Winner of all the great gear in this giveaway is CARLOS FERNANDEZ!

Here’s a look at what’s he will be getting:

AMPLIFIKATION CERBERUS: (view review here)

Image result for kuassa cerberus

Cerberus is a cost effective, versatile and high quality way to get some sick bass tones at home without a lot of dialing needed. If you are the dialing / tweaking type, Cerberus provides a number of tone altering and shaping options that allow the user to go the extra mile. The three amps inside the plugin can be used to create some truly nice tones for pretty well any bass application.


Valhallir has been putting out stellar impulse responses for a number of years. Some of their products reside in my top favorites so when I heard they were doing a couple of bass cabs for the first time, they had my attention.

There’s a GK410RBH based on a Gallien Krueger and the Goliath610 as well. The winner of the contest will receive both of the new bass packs as part of this monstrous prize pack. Valhallir’s quality is top notch and their bass packs will be a nice extension into the lower frequencies.


Blueface SC-5 Frontplate
Blackface SC-5 Frontplate

Black Rooster Audio have donated two legendary compressors to the prize pack. In my opinion, all bass guitar requires compression and every bass player should have multiple compression options for tracking/mixing. Enter the Blackface and Blueface VCA compressors! These are two of the better vintage/classic style compression plugins out there so the winner will have a ton of ways to create the punchy tones they need to hold it down.


Celestion have given us the chance to giveaway their whole line of bass products. The Pulse and BN series of impulse responses are some of the best sounding bass impulses I have ever tried and I have used the Pulse series a great deal. The BN series is BRAND NEW so the winner of this prize pack will get a total of three brand new products over a couple impulse response developers. The Celestion impulses are very nice and I strongly suggest everyone check them out if you haven’t already!


Image result for Audiority X7

One of my favorite ways to warm up any amp sim is the Audiority Pre X7. This is an incredibly useful way of adding a number of great qualities to any instrument, vocals and more. For guitar and bass, I have been using it directly before the amp sim in the chain and the Pre X7 never fails to bring out the best characteristics in any amp I am using while creating more punch and depth. This is a plugin that I feel anyone and everyone using amp sims would be smart to grab because it really does help create more of a human feel.


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