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NEW! Tonality: Andy James

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Ok, everyone, compose themselves please… the major release announcements continue to drop and my job of choosing a best of 2019 just got even more difficult than it already was. This is getting crazy..

STL Tones / Ignite Amps unleash a damn BEAST of a plugin with TONALITY: ANDY JAMES!

Two crushing mid to high gain amps, The Revenant Preamp with a power section and a seriously realistic clean amp are at the heart of this plugin and they are insulated by a number of very high quality components. Pre and post effects, a nice cab section and a lot more are all included. Everything looks and sounds incredible and I will be really enjoying this reviewing period.

This is another great product with the Andy James name on it. He’s had signature ESP guitars, he now has a killer new Kiesel model, there’s the brand new Revenant Pedal in hardware form from STL / Ignite, my personal favorite; his signature Dunlop pick, a Kemper pack from STL Tones and the list goes on.

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The finish is just so nice!

One thing all of those products have in common is Andy’s commitment to great guitar tone. He really ensures that all who purchase the products with his name on them get their money’s worth and more. Add in the STL / Ignite commitment to quality and it’s a winner already.

Come by our Facebook page for a WHOLE DAY of Tonality:Andy James coverage on Friday, August 30th starting nice and early and continuing through the day. There will also be content on the Benson and Putney Tonality plugins mixed in through the day. Our Facebook page can be found in the top right hand corner of the page in our links!