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The Return Of AmpFarm

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Those newer to the world of amp sims may have never even heard of Line 6’s very popular AmpFarm plugin but the funny thing is, even though it came out in 1998 there are many Mac users out there that still absolutely swear by this plugin. Once only available for Mac users, they are now making a comeback for all and I am quite curious.

This is not a remastered type thing, it was merely given some updates so that the die-hard and loyal AmpFarm users could use it on their new systems and upgrade to the newest ProTools, which does not support the old AmpFarm. Rejoice!!! Your update has arrived!

It can also be used for all your old AmpFarm projects which will very likely bring out all the nostalgic users. Original AmpFarm users can get the upgrade for only $50 which makes it a no-brainer and thumbs up. That’s a great price to be able to finally use a more efficient version of something you really enjoy.

The $200USD price tag for new users puts AmpFarm in the same price range as some serious amp sim muscle. Putting it directly up against some of the 5+ star “smash-hit” type products that have come out even just this year alone. This is kind of like sending a 35 yr old light-heavyweight up against a 20 yr old heavyweight. The old fella can still win the fight with the experience but does he have the gas in the tank to win? We shall see.

I sat down with the plugin for a live session on Facebook and my first hour with the plugin was strong. Bypassing the internal impulses in favor of my own provided some really warm results. There’s a few amp models you certainly don’t see every day, many were quite strong but a few were not overly for me… yet. More reviewing to be done.


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