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NEW! Archetype: Nolly

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Neural DSP continue to kick out the jams and pump out the hits with the second offering in their Archetype series; ARCHETYPE: NOLLY! (intense reverb) I feel like that first block should have been said in the movie guy voice. Oh… the suspense!

Adam “Nolly” Getgood is a UK born producer, bass player and general top shelf Jack of all trades. He was the bass player in Periphery and has been putting work into software for some time with his drum sampler GetGoodDrums aka GGD.

Neural DSP and Nolly have collaborated on what is sure to be a real versatile plugin. It features four very different amps, a nice cab section with cabs matched for each amp, additional impulses made by Nolly and a whole lot more. The amps could be anything and all the guessing games in the world won’t help so we will wait until we try it out.

After a week or so of really laying into this plugin, I can say it’s quite nice. Lots of amazing tones available without a lot of tweaking or stressing about it and it’s a strong overall product. I can’t get used to the 4th amp but the rest of the gear featured is just impeccable. Hit up the free trial ASAP!!

The value here is absolutely insane for the price. While the price may be in the upper bracket, the value of the hardware that’s been meticulously modeled for this software in addition to the experience and skill that went into the development more than justify the price.