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NEW – Tons Of Brainworx!

Well holy crap.. it’s been tough to keep up with how fast everything is moving lately. The amount of gear coming out is completely insane but welcomed with open arms.

Brainworx has released an avalanche of products as of late, some of which were previously only available to those with Universal Audio hardware. I get the feeling this is the start of something very big for non-Universal Audio users.

Image result for Brainworx Diezel
Diezel Herbert

I say this because for a while, the plugins in question were part of a huge collection of top quality amp sims by Brainworx, Softube and other companies that I believed most amp sim users would never experience. It was quite frustrating. View the impressive list HERE. While I am not sure what Softube’s plans are, it seems Brainworx has started to let some of them loose with native versions of a few really great plugins.

In the last couple of months Brainworx has flexed their muscles in late 80s Hulk Hogan fashion and that dude knew how to flex. They released fully licensed versions of the Diezel VH4, Diezel Herbert for guitarists and the B-15N, SVT3 PRO, V-4B and SVT-VR from Ampeg. (The V-4B was not part of the UA exclusives, it’s brand new).

Image result for Brainworx ampeg svt vr
Ampeg SVT-VR

Every single one of these products is done with the absolute highest level of quality in collaboration with Nembrini Audio’s Igor Nembrini. So far, in this bunch I am certain there’s at least three candidates for amp sim of the year and probably mostly 4 and 5 out of 5 rated products.

Related image
Diezel VH4

It’s going to take some time to get the reviews up because these plugins all require a lot of attention but I can promise all of you that there’s no risk in going to get the 14-day trials to find out for yourself. Well, there might be a risk for spending haha.

I don’t know if there will be any further UA Exclusives set free to be loved by all but if there is, my God am I drooling for the Friedman Collection, the Engl Savage 120, the Suhr PT100

Image result for Fainting
My first reaction when testing the Diezel VH4

I have spent a lot of time with both Diezels as well as all of the Ampegs and each of them is very impressive to say the very least. The VH4 and SVT-VR are my favorites of the new bunch but the extreme joy that I have had getting to know these products has had a smile on my face since I first laid into them. Brainworx has also released a really nice flanger plugin and more recently to hit their new stride in full sprint.

As mentioned, you can get 14-day free trials of all of the above plugins right now by heading over to Plugin Alliance, signing up for an account and in the process allow them to give you some high quality FREE full licenses for useful plugins. Sound good? They also have a Slate Everything Bundle type MEGA BUNDLE that gives you everything for a monthly fee.

In the meantime, I will continue reviewing them thoroughly. Reviews will be posted soon!