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NEW – Brainworx Ampeg B-15N

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Previously only available to those with Universal Audio interfaces, the fully licensed Brainworx Ampeg B-15N is now available in a native version available to everyone else.

The sounds of the 60s and 70s are packed into this little dynamo and they are represented very nicely in the plugin version. I have never personally spent time with the original but I have made arrangements to test one as part of the review for the plugin.

Don’t go buying this one to crank the mids and get all modern / clanky with it because that is not how this one is designed. The B-15N is designed more to accompany country, blues, folk, classic rock, jazz and other more vintage / classic aimed purposes.

You get the ’64 and ’66 versions of the famous amp in one plugin, a very nice selection of high quality impulse responses and some really wonderful Brainworx extras like a gate, HP/LP filters and more.

I hope this is another sign of good things to come, could this mean the huge wealth of guitar / bass amp sims of UA exclusively could all be coming? I guess we shall find out! (Fingers crossed)

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