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Black Rooster Audio Cypress TT-15

There's not too many amp sims based on Orange amps out there. In this review we look at a freeware sim from Black Rooster Audio.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

(Version reviewed: 2.4.1)


The amp sim market isn’t exactly jam packed with sims based on Orange products. Sure, every impulse response developer has one or multiple Orange offerings but when it comes to amp sims, it’s a different story. For some reason, not many Orange inspired sims exist outside of full-amp suites. There is however a beacon of light for fans of the Brit-citrus type tones and that is the Cypress TT-15.

It’s based on the popular lunchbox / mini-amp, the Orange Tiny Terror 15. Sure, ok, it’s not one of the Orange heavies but anyone that’s used a Tiny Terror 15 will tell you they have all the signature Orange tone traits and they pull more than their weight. I borrowed one for a time and I was pretty shocked at how good it sounded.

Black Rooster Audio’s Cypress TT-15 is a great two-channel plugin that’s been modeled after this little terror….. (laugh track) and it comes with a nice 212 impulse.


I will note that when you install even the free plugins, you need to use a sort of all-plugins installer that allows you to select just the stuff you want to install. There’s no file for just the Cypress. It’s not a pain by any means but don’t rush the install or you will end up with a whole bunch of trials for paid products installed as well.

The GUI is kind of a seafoam green rather than Orange, which I like. It’s not a complex amp in hardware form so the plugin has a very simple but effective layout to match. Black Rooster Audio plugins always look pretty good and this one fits with the pack.

I used to drop by a local music store a few days a week after work and their main testing amp was a Tiny Terror into an Orange 112 cab. It’s a fun little amp and it can actually get loud as shit. It’s a versatile amp and it plays well with a nice range of stomps. All of that carried over to the plugin. For realism, the plugin definitely has a lot in common with its little solid-state pal.

The low gain is my favorite of the two channels, it can be clean, crunch, gritty and it’s just got the most use to me. I have used this channel more than any other on the amp. I usually use it with the gain between 5-7, tone between 5-7 and the volume at 7-8. I will use these settings with a number of tube screamers to create one of my favorite tones for a variety of rock uses. I will use some of the tube screamers dirt to add just a pinch more bite.

The high gain does have a lot of gain but, it’s not gonna be your go-to for djent or thrash etc. Can you use it for those styles? Sure but it’s not what I would call the plugins sweet spot. The sweet spot is basically the same settings as the lower gain channel but I use it for rock leads. I’ll use a tube screamer on this channel but be careful with the tone controls on your pedal the TT15 because it can get a little too sharp to where you’ll have to EQ it out so why add it?

The cab section isn’t much to speak of. It’s just a lonely but really great sounding 212 impulse response. While it is a good impulse response, there is only one so that has to be a bit of a hit on the score even though it’s free. There is however a large silver switch for a very easy bypass.

If you bypass the impulse section, you open up a huge world in this situation because the TT-15 sounds killer with a mile long list of impulses. I have used the plugin with hundreds of files from 112, 212, 410, 412 and beyond. Unlike the amp side of Orange products, their cabinets are very well represented on today’s IR market. I tried the TT-15 with every Orange cab pack I could find and most of them sounded great with it.

Boost it, distort it, fuzz it, compress it, do whatever you want and the Cypress TT-15 will continue to impress. Orange + fuzz is a long standing combo that continues to drive many artists in the stoner doom genres and while you won’t see the Tiny Terror on stage with Sleep or Monolord next week, it does the job. The plugin can be used to create some sweet walls of swampy, sludgy goodness. Just grab a fuzz plugin and go to work.


On thing I ask myself every time I use this plugins is “how is this free?” and I am sure you will as well. For those that want a no-bullshit amp sim that gets to the point with tone immediately, grab this plugin. This is a plugin that needs to be in every guitar’s collection because it can reliably provide good tone with only a couple knobs and sometimes to get good tone, fewer options can be better.

On the downside, the cabinet section is very limited and could really benefit from a larger selection of options. This isn’t much of a downside but in the grand scheme where all products are treated equally, it must be noted.

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