Nembrini giveaway – we have a winner!

Winner of the Nembrini BST100 and the Valhallir IR pack is Samuel Corneteau ( Congratulations Samuel!

Well, this month might be BASS MONTH but as promised, there’s something for the guitarists as well!

Nembrini Audio has only been a company for a short time but in that time the company has released several very high quality products as we have mentioned in other posts, Igor Nembrini has been doing amp sims, pedals, processing gear and more at Brainworx for a long time. His work with Brainworx and his own company has all been very high quality.

This month Nembrini Audio, Valhallir, Iron Age Guitar and Honest Amp Sim Reviews have some


Nembrini Audio BST100

The Nembrini Audio BST100 is a high quality plugin version of the famous Soldano SLO100. Not only is it high quality but it’s the highest quality SLO100 inspired plugin made to this point. From crystal cleans to raucous crunch and devastating hi-gain, it’s all in there.

We have yet to post the final review for the BST100 but it will be up shortly. In the meantime, I can say this amp sim scored 5 / 5 and it excelled at almost any application from jazz to tech-death.

Valhallir V2 3-pack

Valhallir have just released a wonderful new line of guitar and bass cabinet impulses. The winner of the July Rig giveaway will get the three guitar cabs from the line which includes an amazing Marshall 412 with Eminences speakers, a Mesa Boogie Half back 412 and a killer in-house custom cab called the Sidewinder 212. The new V2 packs feature new features from the V1 line of products like higher sample rates, more mics and ambient files.

I actually just grinned and giggled a little when I thought about the Nembrini BST100 with these cabs so I think I need to make some soundcloud tracks with the combo.

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