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NEW! Seacow Cabs Darkglass 410C

Brian @ Seacow Cabs may be on staff here at HASR but our love for his FREE impulse responses began years prior to starting Honest Amp Sim Reviews. Over time, Brian has gotten better and better at his craft through thousands of hours of practice. Making impulse packs certainly isn’t as quick & easy as some popular YouTubers may have you believe. The evidence is all over the market, every developer has their own approach and Seacow Cabs is starting to refine theirs.

The newest release from Seacow is also the company’s first official release of a bass cabinet impulse pack. For the first bass offering, Seacow went with some serious muscle in the Darkglass DG410C. The release is also one of our BASS MONTH event’s many features. The real deal cabinet is one of the highest quality bass cabinets you will find anywhere and it’s highly effective for any style of bass. Darkglass only makes high quality gear.

In this pack you get a ton of options for mics, mixes and more. I recommend trying this pack with Neural DSP’s incredible Darkglass Ultra Plugin, the combination really pumps out some killer bass tones. You can demo the Darkglass Ultra or their new bass plugin Parallax for free so if you haven’t checked them out, please do so! Head to Seacow Cabs asap!


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