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Hello Everyone!! It’s not often that we will ask for donations and we aren’t asking for them now. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are now securely set up for donations for those that wish to do so. I also wanted to explain where donations go and why we really appreciate them.

This page will always be 100% ad-free for a couple of main reasons. The first and most important reason is our readers enjoyment of the page. Have you ever been trying to read an article but got annoyed with the ads on all sides or even as blocks right in the middle of the reading material? We don’t advertise for developers and we turned off WordPress ad revenue because we want you to be able to come here and enjoy yourself without distractions.

The next reason is so that we can remain 100% unbiased while providing an unbiased appearance to the page. If we started selling ad space, even if we remained unbiased, having ads all over the page can create bias in the readership. We would prefer our suggestions and content on quality producuts be the guide here rather than advertising.

While we have always been lucky enough to receive great products free of charge for both reviewing and giveaway purposes, being newer to the party means . Where some other resources may simply skip over those products, our mandate here doesn’t allow for us to be so selective. We set out to review ALL products and that’s what we will do. Your donations help us to maintain a complete resource by purchasing the missing products. We also like to buy products to giveaway if a bundle needs just a little something more.

Donations can also be put towards a graphic artist, wordpress fees, new strings, cables, Facebook ads and a lot of other ways to both maintain operations here and also help the page grow by reaching more people. Point is, not even one cent would go to waste.

If you’d like to contribute to Honest Amp Sim Reviews, you’ll find a secure Paypal donation button on the right hand of the page. However, before you donate anything to us, first consider the developers of the freeware you use most.

Thanks for your time and considerations!
– The HASR Team

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