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NEW – STL/Ignite Libra

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NEW from the lovely partnership of STL Tones and Ignite Amps comes: LIBRA! The world’s first impulse response mixer that gives the user the power to visually mix up to EIGHT impulse responses at once. Not only that but this isn’t just a bells and whistles, empty promises type list of features, everything Ignite Amps and STL Tones list as a feature is delivered with a high degree of quality. See the link below for a full list of specs!!

When this plugin was on it’s way, whenever I asked about it the name kind of made seem like I was asking Derek Zoolander about his new “look”. Not making light of a cool name, just how it caught my ear the first time. I caught glimpse of it in the background during Winter NAMM and from that point, my curiosity only continued to build. I had the chance to beta the plugin for a while and from day one it was one of those plugins I knew was going to change the game completely.

Head over and grab the trial or just buy it because I am fairly convinced that most people will buy after trying Libra even a couple times. I saw one comment that said “$69 for an impulse loader? I’ll stick to the free one, no thanks” and some may not require maximum flexibility and the ability to mix and combine your own impulses. Personally, I see this as a no brainer for anyone that uses amp sims and impulse responses and in the long run, it could save people money on impulses. While Nadir 2.0 is incredible, it would be like comparing a well priced sensible family car to a Bentley Phantom. They serve the same purpose but one gets you there with a lot more comfort and style.

I just spent the last 4-5 hours on guitar and bass mixing Valhallir’s new V2 line, various FREE cabs from Seacow Cabs, the new Geek 212 from Dr.Bonkers, the old Catharsis pack and tons more into my own perfectly mixed files. I ended up with so many awesome blends for every purpose. I blended open and closed back, 212 with 412, 112 with 215 and piles more. The options are nearly infinite so grab a guitar and get ready to dust off even the impulses you haven’t used in a couple years for a rip.

My suggestion is start with TWO cabs and really get a feel for how the controls work. Don’t just load up 8 cabs and jump in headfirst because it can take some getting used to. So explore and add things slowly and you will be happy with your purchase, no question. This will no doubt be on a few of our “Best-Of” lists in the coming months.

CLICK >>> HERE >>> NOW for …. (breathy voice) .. LIBRAhhhhh

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