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NEW – Brainworx Diezel VH4

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OH BOY!!! This makes me next level happy to post about. The Brainworx Diezel VH4 made with Nembrini Audio and fully approved by Diezel is now available in a native version!! This plugin is based on one of my dream amplifiers and previously it was only available to those with Universal Audio hardware but that is no longer the case.

Now, it has been unleashed upon the world for use with most interfaces and damn was I excited to lay into this. Four channels of truly realistic sounding Diezel tones with all the signature tone characteristics the VH4 has become famous for. A VH4 plugin developed by Igor Nembrini? Sign me up!

This is not just an amp sim for metal players but good lord can it do metal of all types. With so many channels and such a wide variety of distorted tones available, it’s real easy to find a tone for any aggressive style. Fans of tones for djent, thrash, death metal, tech death, punk, hard rock and even country, southern rock and more will find something to like about this sim.

The usual nice selection of impulse responses has been turned into 100+ impulses over a variety of cab, mic and speaker styles. Don’t be too quick to try your own impulse selection right away, check out the internal haul first.

I will be preparing a bunch of content over the next month or so but initially, after only 5-6 hours with the plugin, I am sold. Head over to Brainworx and grab the free trial right now and get started. I am pretty certain it won’t let you down! Review and content in progress.


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