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Mercuriall Audio Pedals

Mercuriall Audio does some great amp sims. Here we take a look at their pedals which are offered as freeware!


Greed Smasher

Score: 5/5
Score: 5 / 5

The Greed Smasher is based on the Mesa Boogie Grid Slammer pedal. The original is pretty damn cool and Mercuriall Audio’s take on it is equally enjoyable.  

I would say this is my favorite of the free pedals and for me it has many uses but one specific use above the rest. I like using the Greed Smasher plugin with amps that are already very mid-focused. When a tube screamer is added to a mid voiced amp with the stereotypical 0-10-10 settings, it can create a lot of unwelcomed spikes in the mid range. The Greed Smasher is the answer.  

I will use this plugin out in front of a number of amps to get that boosted type saturation and punch without adding anything harsh to the mix or having to remove anything. Why add something just to EQ it out? Try this pedal with the drive 0-1, tone 5-7 and level all the way up the next time you are having a tough time with a boost pedal. It’s good for a number of uses so really try it with any amp sim!  

TSC – Tube Screamer

Score: 3.5/5
Score: 3.5 / 5

Every guitarist’s plugin toolbox should include a few tube screamers and boost pedals. If you aren’t sure how to use one, hit up YouTube as there are many ways to use one to improve your tone. It’s a solid tube screamer that has a few tone shaping options and it’s FREE so why not?  

They didn’t re-invent the wheel and there’s a ton of them on the market but I like having lots of them around for when I need just the right cut for a mix. This one will give you a couple of high quality looks at the TS circuit for zero dollars.


Score: 3/5
Score: 3 / 5

The Boss Metal Zone is a pedal that doesn’t have the best reputation but there are uses for it if you really get a feel for how it works and how to keep it consistent from amp to amp. It can be used with a clean or driven clean for a bunch of different high gain tones. I like using it as a boost with a Mesa Boogie Rectifier sim. Amp gain up with the pedal gain down, level up and other knobs set to taste.  

The Metal Area is a decent plugin recreation but I didn’t feel that the controls responded very close to the real thing. It’s still cool and FREE so head over and grab it!  

Chorus WS1

Score: 5/5
Score: 5 / 5

I love this chorus pedal plugin. It’s reliable, trustworthy and it always seems to fit whatever mix I am using it in. I’d put it up against any chorus pedal plugin out there, paid or free. I’ve effectively used it on guitar, bass and vocals with success. It’s simple, effective and easy to use which never hurts but the big marks from me are for the plugin’s ability to work with any amp or guitar. 

Chorus plugins can be used to create several different clean tone vibes and atmospheres but a subtle chorus can also do worlds for your crunch and gainier tones. Give it a shot!  

Find them all here:
Mercuriall Audio product page

Sound example – Greed Smasher:

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